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The Different Types of Home Garage Door


Since the day it was invented until today, the car has been one of the most expensive properties that not everyone can afford to have, even a second hand one. Parking it inside the garage is the best way to keep it safe and away from damages. Garage doors are vital when it comes to the security of your property. Just like the gates, it also has different types. For you to be familiar with these doors, take note the following types used as a home garage door.


The economical and most common type of garage door available today. Once opened, up-over doors swing out and stay hanging in place above the garage. Unfortunately, this only suits to establishments situated at least fifty feet away from the road. When opening this door, you should not park your car too close to the garage since it might get hit and damaged.


It is the type of garage door that suits best for properties with a small driveway and garage. Unlike the swing-type, you only need to roll it up and does not take a lot of space when opened. It is usually installed by a garage door specialist with a mechanical system and remote control to reduce time and effort when opening the garage.

Swing Hung

Old establishments usually use this type of home garage door and are rarely used nowadays. Aside from the effort it requires when opening, this type of garage door easily get damaged since it is made from wood. It is best used if the garage was built separately from the establishment.

These three types of garage doors are commonly used in residential establishments. If you are looking for high-quality garage doors, Amana Garage Doors is the garage door company you should visit in Palm Coast, FL. Give me a call today at (386) 999-1546.


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