The Right Home Garage Door You Should Install


You have to make sure that you have enough space in your property before purchasing your dream car. Having a garage is necessary to protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions and also to prevent damage from being done to your vehicle. To enhance the garage’s safety and security, you must install the right home garage door. Just like the gates, it also comes in different types and sizes. If you are not sure which garage door to install, here are some of the types you can consider:


Roller Type

This is the ideal garage door for homes with small or narrow driveways. It has a drum-like casing attached to the ceiling that houses jointed aluminium frames. Manual operation can be done by pulling the frames downwards or pushing it upwards. For those with an auto-lock feature, it can be operated through a side lever or remote control.



It is the oldest and widely used type of home garage door. With the help of a lever, it swings outward parallel to the garage’s ceiling. Its only drawback is that it occupies a lot of space in your garage which is not ideal for residential properties near the streets.



The sectional garage doors are pulled upwards using a pulley mechanism, unlike the up-and-over type. This suits both residential and commercial properties. You need to increase your budget for this type of door since it is expensive.


Swing Hung

Calling a garage door expert to install a swing hung type of door is an economical option. Aside from cutting the installation expenses, it is also easy to operate. But like the up-and-over garage door, this door requires a wide space when opening.


The facts listed above can help you a lot in purchasing the right garage door for your home. Amana Garage Doors is the garage door company you can trust when it comes to timely and efficient garage door installations in Palm Coast, FL. To know the rates I offer, call me today at (386) 999-1546.

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